Research Excellence Program - REP.

The REP provides financial support for research projects to be submitted by researchers. GPM includes specific details with defining criteria and procedures on eligibility of applicants and admissibility of their proposals. Unless otherwise specified in the GPM, researchers from RIs or local universities are eligible to submit proposals. The REP emphasizes joint research proposals from local and international researchers (including Uzbeks scientist abroad), joint research proposals from researchers and the private sector, and proposals of young (junior) researchers—the latter aiming to strengthen the country’s future research capability. 

Selection is based on two core criteria: (i) rigorous selectivity in terms of scientific merit, and (ii) social and/or economic relevance, based on the potential contribution of the research proposal to solving some societal challenge or on its commercial application.

The competition is aimed at selecting projects in such areas as renewable energy, energy efficiency, low-carbon technologies, biotechnologies, medicine and healthcare, agriculture and food, artificial intelligence, ICT and other areas of scientific and technological development.

The REP provides two types of grants: grants for young scientists (Junior Researcher Grant) and grants for senior researchers (Senior Researcher Grant). Grants for young scientists and senior researchers go up to $200,000 and $600,000, respectively, implementation time goes up to 24 months. The program may also target preliminary research required for applications to international research funds for which the country qualifies.


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