How MUNIS works?

The MUNIS project is designed to support the development of four institutional sectors: (i) university-based research and technology transfer, (ii) science throughout public research institutes (RI), (iii) business, and (iv) government. The project contributes to the development of research, commercialization, science, technology, and innovation (STI) policy capacities of beneficiaries in these institutional sectors, thereby supporting the upgrade of Uzbekistan´s NIS and, finally, leading to economic and societal impacts.

  • Research and development (R&D) support: The MUNIS project provides funding for R&D projects that have the potential to generate economic benefits. This funding can be used to support a variety of activities, such as research, development, and testing of new products, technologies, and processes.
  • Technology transfer: The MUNIS project provides support for the transfer of technology between research institutions and the private sector. This support can be used to help businesses adopt new technologies, develop new products and services, and improve their productivity.
  • Innovation policy advice: The MUNIS project provides advice and guidance on innovation policy to the Ministry and relevant government agencies. This advice can help the government to develop a more supportive environment for innovation.
  • Capacity building: The MUNIS project provides training and capacity building to help government officials, researchers, and businesses develop the skills and knowledge they need to support innovation.


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